Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Audi A6 3.2 Timing Chain Repairs

The 2006 and up Audi A6 with the 3.2 is the most common engine we replace the timing chains on.

 We have had cars towed from West Virginia and Southern Maryland to have the timing chains replaced at our Doylestown Pa location.

You can also ship us your engine and we will rebuild it and ship it back to you if that is an easier option.

We have been rebuilding 3.2L engine for almost 8 years for local shops, dealers and wholesalers and in most cases we can save you 50% off the dealer pricing.

We talk to customers that have been quoted $12 - $15,000 to have their timing chains replaced.

In almost all cases the dealer wants to replace all the timing chains and tensioners.  In our experience this is unnecessary.

There are other costs that may add to your bill.

  •  In some cases the camshaft and high pressure pump are also worn out.  
  • You may have bent valves if you drove too long with worn out tensioners. 
  • We have seen the cam carriers crack when the valves get bent.
  • Brake vacuum pump may need to be replaced
  • The lower radiator hose can get soaked in oil when the brake vacuum pump leaks
  • The cam actuator solenoids may have over extended and will not work correctly after the chains have been replaced.
  • The motor mounts may be leaking and cracked
  • The two rear timing covers may be bent and leaking if they have been removed before.
We have helped may local shops with the timing chain replacement and one common mistake they make is replacing the upper tensioners only.  Then when they try to start the car all the valves get bent because the timing chains are stretched.  

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.  267 279 9477


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